My Cool Advenure

One day I was on a boat, whale watching it was sooooo boring we were out there for an hour and we still haven’t seen a whale but soon later a whale came along just some whale now there was only one problem the whale found me delicious fortunately it only eats shrimp and can not eat me because of my bone issue and its lack of teeth. Just then something blocked the sun and everything went dark, and suddenly I felt myself rising in and a weird greenish purplish glow. I read a lot of books so I knew it was an alien invasion and I knew many tactics on how to escape but when I got on board the aliens smiled a bit and then held my hand and gave me a hug and then they said something and there translators said to me “I am yeer friend” and that was it there were my new best friends and we were happy for about  3 minutes when I slipped and fell on top of one sunbathing and they got so mad at me and so they took out all of there out-of-this-world alien weapons and  I had a plan I took out an even better super power, my mind it was way stronger than any alien weapons but then I realized I was not as smart as I thought. (parents are always saying how smart and good their kids are to their friends and to their kids then soon they got people actually believing the lies and then you got your kids believing that they are as smart as their parents say so then you got the problem I have here. Now back to the story) 

So then I grabbed a parachute and jumped out the weird window thingy so I was just falling from the sky so I activated my parachute and it broke but there are always backups so I activated the backup but then that one came alive and ate me but that was just the whale trying to save me because it felt bad for trying to eat me but Unfortunately I hate whales and I just got an allergy to them. (Do you know why I was whale watching in the first place?) but this was not a whale at all no it was GIANT FLESH EATING PIRANHAS!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO- 


Made with my pal/friend


I am amazing!!!!! I know it is very obvious!!!!!!!!!

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