Jilly And The Magic Stick


There was once a person named Jilly. She was the coolest person in the land. All the other people were fellers. They were all mean to Jilly. They bullied her. Until one day one of them became on Jilly’s side! They played and played until the fellers had a meeting. They did NOT like Jilly being happy. They attacked Jilly’s friend and Jilly’s friend died. Jilly was so sad. She asked the other fellers to play. They all said “no.” Guess that was her last chance, but when all seemed lost Jilly found a magical stick.  The stick saved her friend’s life.  Then they told the teacher.

The teacher got mad. So did the fellers. The fellers had another meeting. Eight of the fellers held back Jilly’s friend. Two grabbed Jilly. One of the fellers simply took the magic stick. But it electrocuted him and he dropped it and past out. Jilly’s friend was a wrestler and took on all eight of the fellers at once. There was also an odd Foofa in the corner watching every move. He started to sing and when he sings he sings in a booming voice, So when he started to sing every person turned to stare. Then Jilly took that chance to jump and grab the magic stick. Foofa ran out of the classroom then everybody else started to fight again. Then Foofa came back again with a teacher. The teacher saw the fellers fighting. The fellers saw the teacher and everybody froze.

This time the teacher was furious! “For your punishment, there will be a class project where all of you have to work together to make a life-size papier-mâché elephant and a poster with elephant facts on it” said the teacher mischievously. “Class dismissed!”

The next day it was the weekend.  Jilly, her family, and Jilly’s friend’s family went out shopping at Mr. Fun’s Craft Store. They bought a truckload of papier-mâché supplies and a giant poster board. The next morning they brought it to school. The class began to work.  Some students worked on the elephant sculpture, and some researched elephant facts, and some designed the poster. They were all laughing and having fun until they had to go home.

The End


The first paragraph made with two other pals/friends


I am amazing!!!!! I know it is very obvious!!!!!!!!!

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