Once upon a time there were three little pigs and they wanted to have little piggy cafes. So when they opened up everybody was talking about it and one night around 6:00 a wolf came to town in an old wagon. Everyone locked themselves in their houses, doors locked, shutters closed  and the wolf was hungry so he knocked on the first pig’s cafe. He was not very bright so he had a house out of straw. (when people are waiting for their food they eat the straw) so anyway… the first pig (name Jarry) was just closing up when he saw the wolf. He quickly locked the door, put the closed sign up, and ran away to the back. The wolf let out a sigh and knocked on the door “please Mr. pig please. Just one last customer!!!” he shouted “no no not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.” Jarry yelled back. So the wolf was so hungry he ate the sraw it wasn’t very filling but it was something. The wolf had heard of another cafe so he took his wagon and rode there he knocked on the door of a stick cafe and ha said “can you open the door it is not 8:00 yet” (this cafe closes at 8:00 P.m) “I know my rights and the law says you must serve everyone!” The wolf shouted again “well maybe” said the second pig (named Lawrence) “I will close early today” and he put the closed sign up, and then the wolf heard Lawrence yelling everybody run!!!!!” The wolf was still hungry so he ate the cafe made of sticks and he left to see the third pigs cafe when he got there he didn’t even try to get an order (which was a mistake because the third pig was the smartest and he knew the wolf would not eat him) so the wolf tried to take a brick out he could not so he tried and tried and finally he got one out and he bit into it and he could not so he gave up and suddenly he felt full (He was full because he just finished digesting everything so he went back to his wagon happy and full and started to head home to tell his family lies on how great pigs tasted. (to this day every year on the 21 of january the townspeople celebrate how nobody got eaten. 



I am amazing!!!!! I know it is very obvious!!!!!!!!!


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