The Fairy Tale mishaps

Once there was a girl who was most probably in her 20’s. She was an unpleasant and ugly young lady who was very rude and a liar. Her name was Clairson and she was no Cinderella.

She has been in the dungeon in and out since she was five. But When she was twenty they made her stay.It was one filthy dungeon.  But one night when one of the guards came over to clairson  cage and said

“You better behave tomorrow, the prince is coming here, put  this on, it will make you look a little better, that’s what the chief said but I do not think that anything can make you look better at this stage. He gave a very pretty dress anyone could fall in love with at first sight.

The day came Clairson was so different in her new gown she was probably one of the prettiest girls anyone has ever seen. The red gown fit so perfectly she did not feel alive. She was having her small time in heaven until she heard the guard coming and he said right this way sur.Image result for fancy dresses

The prince stepped right in front of then she got right out of her heaven dream and started right back where she was nervous she had seen the prince’s parents once before the  first time she came to the dungeon at the age of 5 the Queen thought Should go and the king did not but he was so demanding that  I had to go but they had moved a While ago to florida where they would take a nice retirement plan. The prince gave you this hand and I got up and he looked head to toe and then gasped wow why are you in here young lady. Guard why is this young lady in here 

“Um I don’t know she has done so many I forget.” 

“Do you know why you’re here?”

Clairson said

“No I don’t know when I was little I was not good at school I think that’s why.”

“Then you should get out now you  are now out of the dungeon and I rate the dungeon 0 stars oh would you like to come to the ball.”

“Sure I would love to”

“Well I will see you there.”

Cairson Knew that was not true she has done lots of bad things and she Knew the prince would get angry at the guards at the guards for keeping some lady with a really pretty dress in three for no real reason. But later that night while the prince was having dinner with that beautiful young lady we talked about one of the guards fell and landed on the young lady and her dress came off and the prince saw who she truly was… An ugly lady. But she was even more pretty without the dress they immediately got married.



I am amazing!!!!! I know it is very obvious!!!!!!!!!

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