A Cheese Story

Ring- a- ling went the bell as a man entered the cheese shop. I jumped in front of my friends and family and in front of some world class super cool cheeses and into some natural light in front of everyone. The man looked at all of us staring into all of our holes. The man stares right at me, “this might be it, I might get chosen!” I say to my friend perree (he’s a pasta and his name is pronounced par-e ) but than he saids to the salesman “what the heck, is that thing why is it in this shop! You should not put such mold in this store!” “Err… I don’t have any say in this store, I just work at the cash register” “where is your manager!”  The man yells “uhhhhh” saids the cashier “I think he’s at some sort of dairy meeting” “ugh!!” Shouts the man and storms out of the store “look what you did” says Brie “I was sooo gonna get chosen, and you made that man think we were contaminated ugh… this is why everyone hates you!!” “Don’t listen to her,” saids perree, my best friend, “she just wants to be bought.” The lady who looks like she was in her fifties or sixties who was standing by the free sample counter (eating everything )suddenly shouted “BATHROOM!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE A BATHROOM!!!!!!!!” “Yes” said the cashier, who had lots of experience with gassy people “in the back” the lady ran away. “I’m gonna get chosen today, perree I can feel it.” I said “how so?” He asks “I’m gonna go to the free sample stall and someone will try me, and love me, and I will get chosen” “ummmmm” anwers perree “right, that is so true.” I sneak over to the free sample stall and wait for the gassy lady to come back.” (I am DEFINITELY gonna put a new page here) (and other spots) (this page is gonna be only picture and it has the cheese sneaking on the ground like an inchworm and the cheese it forfela) I got to the stall and I went to the front of all those tiny little taste cheezes. I made myself look presentable and sat in front of all of them so I blocked them. (New page here cause I have to add them and just so you know that there are a lot of other page breaks) when the lady came back I was ready. I saw perree staring at me like I was crazy. the lady, she was looking at me with those creepy eyes of hers and she stared right at me like a big showdown I stared at her she stared at me than all of a sudden she lunged and it when black I was being eaten this was it  I was so happy I could die which was gonna happen very soon. But all of a sudden those teeth of hers stopped. Then they went up and I was flying out of her jaw and onto the ground. She was about to stomp on me, but then she paused, went to the cashier and started to yell at him. right when she was climbing the counter to attack him another person entered the store. it was just a normal person not crazy or mad looking just a person with a small child. I could not tell if the person was a man or a woman from the angle I was at, but the person looked normal. (Page flip) I scurried back to all the other cheeses in the display thingy and told perree what happened and he said that “oh, bummer you’ll get chosen today I can start to feel it in my bones” “how?” I asked “you don’t have bones.” “never mind. I’m just saying you’ll get chosen like you said earlier. I can feel it to” “rad” I answered “why don’t you go to that vent above us so those people over there will smell you and buy you immediately!” I looked over at the vent it was kinda high I looked around to see if there was an alternative. I saw the crazy person, the sample stall, the windows, the other pasta’s “I could go stand in the window” I said to perree “that would take to long perree said “I guess” (page turn) (picture only with the cheese climbing up the wall and jumping on items to get to the vent) (another page turn) I made it to the vent I stood in front of it, and my smell wafted around the small shop. The child that was with the normal person (I could see was now a woman) screamed the moment the smell traveled toward them, and they ran out of the shop. I climbed down and went back into the air conditioned cheese storage thingy. I said to perree “I’ll never get brought, no one wants a stink old rotten cheese. I’m gonna throw myself in the trash. It was nice knowing you. Bye” “NO!!!!” Perree shouted, I stared at him. This was so unlike him to shout, so I listened “Your gonna pull yourself together and your going to be proud and I know that you are gonna get bought today, but instead of going to do something like standing in the window or leaving the shop completely, you are gonna be yourself and sit here and wait.” (Page turns like duh(just so I remember  pages turns are in other spots that are not marked) So I listened, and I sat. I waited and waited and sat some more. I sat up straight, I sat up tall, I sat lumpy, I sat small, I sat there and sat there and waited some more. (Page flip) The bell rang as someone entered the shop, I sat up straight and tall, and waited for the man to peer into the window of the display like all the people do. (Page turn) First the man went to the stall to taste some cheese, he took one and tried it and spat it back out the moment the cheese fell into his mouth. “That cheese is the best type of Cheese there is here.” I told perree “he might be a critic!” “He might be…” Perree answered like he was in his own little world. “HELLO!!!!!” I said jumping in front of him “hiiii…” he answers “whatever” I answer “this guy will probably talk and write all about me, in his notebook of his.” “Yaaa…..” answers perree. (Page turn) I sit up straight and tall, and try not to look weird. The man walks over to the all of us in the nice cool display case and mumbles to himself “ugly, gross, not even a cheese, hairy, drab, stocky,” than he gets to me and pauses I wait (mabey page turn here) Than his face breakers out into a HUGE smile. “Finally some cheese shop, sells something worth wile. Look at its shape and I can smell it from here, it is absolutely perfect, I must have it. I will put it in it’s own display and it will be famous forever, the people would say look at the cheese it is so weird.” “Ya whatever. You want the cheese or not.” Said a new cashier, who had replaced the old one because he had broken his Femur, and was on his way to the hospital with the lady in the car still trying to whip him. “I shall take it!!!” “OH MY GOD!!!” I said perree “This is it! I will miss you! Thank you for your support!!” “No problemo” he answers “bye everybody I will see you never again!!!!!!!!! Well except you perree, I saw the museum once when I was shipped here from the factory it is close let us meet in the middle every night!!!!!” And just like that I was lifted up by the cashier “Seeee you tonight!!!….!.!.” I shouted as I left the cheese shop hopefully for a very long time.

T h E   E N D

(For now)


I am amazing!!!!! I know it is very obvious!!!!!!!!!

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